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Participants can learn how Make french choux pastry, the building blocks of the most classic and irresistible desserts. , with a three hour course, Run by Odette`s Cake Boutique, the class will guide participants trough the process how prepare the choux pastry, bake it and use in different forms as dessert. Customers will learn good useful techniques and will be taking a box with desserts home with you.


Set up Odette`s cake boutique one of our chefs, a fancy bake personality, runs a range of cake decorating Classes. They are designed to help participants gain new skills while having a good time, and can be used to make a birthday cake a memorable occasion. Our Chef aims to create a friendly atmosphere and respond to customers' every query, teaching them various techniques such as assemble & Masking cakes, piping, and making flowers.

Choux Pastry class

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